Running – ‘I hate it!’

… is something I often hear from others at the start of their running journeys. I used to feel the same way too when I first started running longer distances.

It’s because we often compare ourselves against others, rather than focusing on being the best version of ourself.

When individuals start running, we often focus on how fast we can run, rather than enjoying ourselves. It’s regularly the reason that newer runners find it so tough.

It is much better being patient, understanding that results don’t come overnight and thinking about long term results we want to achieve. It’s the same with dieting – crash diets will often lead to failure!

Pushing ourselves to try and achieve results overnight will make us more prone to injury, cause frustration when results don’t come as quickly as hoped, and eventually resentment towards running.

Start off by running ‘easy’. Learn to tune in to how your body is responding, and the signals it is giving. Trust the process and focus on yourself!

Everyone is unique. Think about what you want to do in the long term. Set yourself small and realistic goals to work towards – 6 months, 12 months etc.

Remember, there is no perfect distance. You might want to train to be a sprinter, you might want to be a middle-distance runner, or more of a longer distance runner.

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