Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT% review

Nike NEXT%

Recently bought the Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT%. After taking them out for a run and having many runners ask for my feedback, I decided to put together my first video.


Let me know your thoughts on the trainers!

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Mental strategies for long run!

With Chicago Marathon fast approaching, the distance I will be running over coming weeks is going to increase massively. There is going to be a huge focus on the long run, with it becoming my main run of the week.

Having run my first marathon last year, I know first hand how it is just as much, or more, a mental challenge as well as physical one!

During my long run last week, I really struggled mentally. It brought back memories of the struggles I endured last year, including route boredom. Since then, I have really had to think about how I am going to overcome it and the strategies I used last year.

With a degree in Psychology, I have been and am going to be using many techniques, here are some of them:

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Running in the heat

The prospect of a hot race day is something that worries a lot of us runners.

Potentially two of the hardest runs I’ve ever completed were difficult because I simply wasn’t ready for the heat and hadn’t adapted to it – Great Newham Run where there was a freak heatwave and running in high humidity whilst in Mombasa, Kenya.

Being able to handle the heat and having effective strategies in place is something which I am still working on. Here are the things I’ve learned to do differently so far:

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DNF (Did Not Finish) – let’s speak about it!

My first DNF

Having completed Brighton Marathon carrying an injury in April 2018, I tried running 10km on the Wednesday at Chase the Sun Clapham Common with Runthrough. I had promised that I would run with a good friend of mine who had never ran an event before. My partner also ran the event but at a faster pace than us.

After half a mile, I was not in a good way but tried battling on. At the 5km mark, my body felt very heavy, each step that I took felt very forced and I could feel my injury starting to flare up again. I just couldn’t carry on, even walking felt very tough – I stopped at approximately 7.5km. I was beaten – it was my first DNF!

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Lessons from my first marathon

Flying high from the successes of 2017!

2017 was a successful year. Having trained well, rested when needed, and ate sensibly, many new personal bests were set. I also achieved the goal which I had set at the start of the year – to complete the Great North Run in under 2-hours and 10 minutes.

On the back of the successes of Great North Run, I set my focus on completing my first marathon in 2018. I signed up to Brighton Marathon!

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Running – ‘I hate it!’

Beginner Runner

… is something I often hear from others at the start of their running journeys. I used to feel the same way too when I first started running longer distances.

It’s because we often compare ourselves against others, rather than focusing on being the best version of ourself.

When individuals start running, we often focus on how fast we can run, rather than enjoying ourselves. It’s regularly the reason that newer runners find it so tough.

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