Moneil – Transformational_runner!

Firstly, welcome to my website!

Born in London, I moved to Essex at a young age when my parents bought a business. I have helped in this business for many years.

Following successfully completing my studies at sixth form level, I went on to studying BSc Psychology and MSc Business Psychology. Thereafter, I started working for Ve and have been at the company for 8 years.

I have a passion for sports and have played for cricket and rugby teams. Sports allows me to fully apply myself and push even further!

I have developed a love for running in recent years and have ran many 5kms, 10kms, and half marathons. In 2018, I ran my first marathon.

This year, I ran my first international event – Toronto Half Marathon and my first World Majors marathon – Chicago Marathon!

More information about my running journey and also professional career can be found on the corresponding pages.

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